Monday, March 22, 2010

Michael Buble at Madison Square Garden

We got tickets to see the Michael Buble concert on March 20th at MSG and this was one of the greatest concert experiences I have ever had.  I have always wanted to see him ever since getting the album "It's time" and seeing him on the Today several years ago. 

Well first off, getting the tickets makes one wonder why there are not some laws being made or enforced regarding the ticket clearinghouses on the web these days.  Of course there were no tickets available on Ticketmaster.  All the tickets on Stubhub and the like were all jacked up in price.  We donated to WNET Channel 13 to get tickets, which worked out swimmingly as we got great seats, did a good deed, got a tax deduction and said F&%! U to Stubhub.

The concert was worth every penny.  It felt like he was singing in a much smaller venue.  Not only did he have such a great sound with a voice like butter, but he also had a really warm stage presence.  He is so young and cute.  He told everyone about his recent engagement to an Argentinian woman.  Hopefully, he will have a long life of concert giving to come, because I can't wait to go see him again.

Highlights of the show included when he sang "Home" in the middle of the orchestra section near the sound board.

Also, his tribute to Michael Jackson:

Lastly, I can't find an upload of it, but he did a wonderful encore with his famous cover of "Feelin Good".  He had such love and appreciation for the audience; he deserves all his success.

I had been having some doubts lately about staying in New York City, but this concert has reminded me of why it is so great being here.  After the show we walked a little to enjoy the remainder of the beautiful weather we had that day and caught a cab home...

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