Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Lookout


Roberto and I recently saw this movie, and although I am sure that it was meant to have wide appeal as a suspenseful action type movie, I thought that it succeeded at much more than that and really had a lot of depth and very insightful writing and directing.

The story is about that perfect guy from high school. We all know the one; his name here is Chris Pratt. He was a star hockey player, from a wealthy family, good looking, etc. Unfortunately, he makes a stupid mistake that ends up changing his life forever. With three friends in the car, he recklessly drives in the dark with the car lights off on a country road in the midwest farm country. He crashes into a farming combine which had gotten stuck in the road. The result is the death of two of the friends in the car and very serious injury to him and his date. Chris Pratt ends up with a brain injury to his frontal lobe and trouble "sequencing".

He somehow gets involved with a bunch of losers that want to rob the bank he works in. I won't give away the rest.

But what I thought made the movie really a worthwile watch was the way the writer and director captured the feelings of the main character regarding his responsibility for the accident. Things could never be the same in his life ever again due to both his brain injury and his guilt. The poignancy of his utter desperation to get back to the charmed life he had once lived was really well conveyed through great writing, acting and directing.

The acting on the part of Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrays Chris Pratt was top notch. Jeff Daniels was also really good and enjoyable to watch (as usual).

Overall, I strongly recommend the movie and I hope whoever may read this enjoys it as much as I did.

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